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Boarding fees
Please contact us for pricing
Full Board at HSE includes the following services:

Box Stall: all stalls are hardwood construction 1/2 up the fronts, and 3/4 dividing walls, with the top section of metal bars to allow for full ventilation throughout the stable. Each stall has a window. Bedding is shavings and daily cleaning is included in the price of board.

Daily turn out: Horses are turned out in small groups in individual board fenced paddocks. We believe that horses are outdoor animals and offer as much turn out time as mother nature will allow.

Feed: Board includes good quality hay as well as base grain. We feed Purina grain products. Board does not include extra vitamin or mineral supplements, however this can be added if the owner supplies it. Horses are fed 2 grain feedings daily.

Facility use: Boarders at HSE may use any part of the facility at any time, except the use of show rings during a competition. 

With over 60 acres,  HSE  provides the ideal surroundings for the casual horse admirer and the competitive rider. Our facilities include:

Indoor Arena
A sand-based 62' x 130' cover-all style indoor arena

Outdoor Rings
Main Hunter Ring  - 160' x 300'
Pony Ring - 140' x 240'
Jumper Ring - 200' x 280'
All rings are board fenced and have an additional sand warm up area. The Jumper Ring also has a permanent 24x40 flat faced bank.

HSE has 2 full sets of hunter jumps available, a full set of jumper jumps (including a liverpool), as well as assorted western trail items, pylons, barrels, etc. Each ring also has a judge's booth and a large area for posting courses
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